At Gambit Gaming we pride ourselves on not only creating unique Gaming inspired designs, but premium quality Gaming clothing, that Gamers can be proud to wear anywhere. 

Because the vast majority of our clothing is made from 100% Cotton, and Embroidered not Screen or Vinyl printed, there may be some differences to the Video Game Clothing you’ve purchased before. We’ve created a this handy guide to help you get the best out of the products you order from us, as well as answered a few common FAQs.


  • Please wash our products before you first wear them. We use an embroidery 'topper' to keep our embroidery looking the best it can. This dissolves in the first wash. Do not iron over the crest until your garment has been washed at least once. 
  • Always wash and dry our products at a temperature no greater 30 degrees Celsius. 
  • We recommend air drying all our garments (rack or clothesline)  
  • If you have to tumble dry, then please do so on a delicate cycle at a low temperature to prevent your garments shrinking.
  • When ironing or pressing, please use the cotton setting on your device or a medium heat. Because we use cotton embroidery to create all of our crests, you can iron directly over the crest if you use a low heat. Just take care not to snag or catch any of the thread.
  • After being washed, embroidery has a tendency to crinkle and bunch up. This is easily rectified by turning the garment inside out, placing a dry towel over the back of the crest. The press down on the towel with a medium-hot iron or press for 4-6 seconds at a time. Before repeating, allow your garment to cool so not to burn or ruin your clothing. When cool, remove the towel and check on the crest, repeat until you're happy the garment is back the its original standard. 

 Please note: The above are suggestions only, take care when handling any hot appliances, and if under 18, always seek adult supervision. Always refer to the devices operation manual for guidance. 




Q. Where are your t-shirts embroidered, how long does it take?

A. We do all our embroidery in house, to order. This means there is often a little longer wait than when ordering clothing from a high street or a large online store. Their designs are often screen printed and mass produced so they’re readily available. Embroidering our designs ensures we’re creating Premium Gaming Clothing that is made to last. But it does mean we ask you allow us 5 working days to have your order ready for shipment. If something is urgent, please message us on one of our social media accounts or via email at and we will do our best to meet your deadline; but there are no guarantees.  


Q. There’s a ring mark around my garments crest, is there something wrong? 

A. No, this is perfectly normal. When embroidering, garments are placed into an embroidery hoop, this creates a tight lock around the fabric so we can embroider the crest. This can cause a ring to be shown around the embroidery. We do try to remove this by steaming the garment before we send it out, however if this doesn’t work, the ring mark will come out once you wash the garment for the first time. 


Q. The crest feels stiff or I can see a small amount of white/clear plastic in some areas of the embroidery stitching, what is it?

A. This material is called Embroidery stabiliser, it allows us to stitch out our designs to the highest of standards. This stabiliser dissolves in water, and we try to ensure there is none shipped out on our clothing. However on the off chance there is; this should disappear during the first wash your the garment. Do not iron over the crest if you see any of the stabiliser. Ensure you wash your garment to remove all Traces. 



Please note: We try to ensure our clothing is made to the highest standard, however as they’re made to order by a small team, sometimes (but not often) there may be some slight imperfections with the stitching. Usually this doesn’t affect the overall quality or look of the design and is often only noticeable upon a really close inspection. However if you’re not happy with anything we send out to you, please do not hesitate to send your item back for a replacement (see our returns policy). 

If you find any issues, please, if you can, send a note with your return or email us to let us know the issues you’ve had, so we can try our best to rectify them in the future. Please remember to include your order number in any correspondence.


If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please email us at we will do our best to address them.


Thank you



- The Gambit Team